Developmental Stages

How Four-month Olds express Themselves

How 4-Month Olds Express Themselves – Early childhood professional Michelle Prince and new mom, Katie Callery discuss the fascinating world of how 4-month olds express themselves. Katie’s 4-month old son, Liam, joins them in celebrating the joy of interacting with an infant. Time 24 minutes.

Immunizations without pain

Immunizations without pain – join Lori Chiapperi, RN, (GCHS) for an introduction on how to approach immunizations with your child. From parent anxiety to how to relieve your child’s pain, this video covers a variety of immunization issues. Time 26 minutes.

Prepare for Conception and Pregnancy

Preparing for Pregnancy – join Dr. Joe Bliss (MD. PhD. Neonatology Fellow at the GCHS) and his 4-week old son, Daniel. Focus is on the months before pregnancy through eight weeks after. Topics include: helping yourself to conceive, baby’s early nervous system, brain development in pregnancy, avoidance of Spinal Bifida, over the counter remedies. See pictures at 4 weeks, 7 weeks and 8 weeks after conception. Time 27 minutes

Prenatalclasses – What to Expect

Join Nancy Miltsch, a registered nurse and Certified Child Birth Educator for Via Health in Rochester, New York as she discusses what to expect in Pre-Natal Classes. Time 30 minutes.

Nutrition Tips for Pre-pregnancy

Pre-pregnancy – Nutrition – If you’re thinking about having a baby, you’ll want to hear these tips on nutrition that can help. Join host Katherine Ippolito as she interviews Karen Gesell, both Registered Dieticians with the Genesee Dietetic Association. In this easy-to-follow question and answer format they explore a number of topics including; “What are some things I should be concerned with if I’m trying to become pregnant?” – How does healthy eating fit into a healthy lifestyle for anyone considering having a baby?” and “What vitamins should I be taking?” (13 minutes) Special thanks to Bob Muir for post-production.

Understanding the Three-year Old

Understanding the Three-Year Old – Lori Bruegger from Children’s Institute joins Amy Rist, mom of two young children, to discuss three-year olds and what is an appropriate expectation of their behavior. A wonderful conversation for a parent or caregiver of a three-year old to hear. Viewers will learn what is developmentally appropriate for this age which can help form realistic expectations. Time 25 minutes.

Safety for 3-year olds

Safety on the Playground for 2 and 3 Year Olds – Suanne Miller, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at GCHS, shares critical information for generally keeping your 2 and 3-year old safe in general but particularly as it relates to playgrounds. Time – 26 minutes

Three-year Old Language Development

Language Development in Three-Year Olds – Professor Sekile Nzinga Johnson, PhD. from the Greater Rochester Collaborative explores how all development influences and interacts with language development in a three-year old. Time 25 minutes.

Three-year Old Speech and Language

Three-Year Olds’ Speech and Language Development – Speech and language pathologist, Amy Lyle, shares a professional’s insight into what parents and caregivers need to know about speech and language and their three-year old. Time 26 minutes.


Disciplining your Three-Year Old – Early childhood professionals Ellen Donavan and Ana Otero discuss the topic of disciplining your three-year old. The viewer will discover that disciplining is actually teaching and that a child’s first and most important teacher is his/her own parents. This opens the door to new and dynamic strategies. Time 24 minutes.