Developmental Stages

Baby Brain Development

Join pediatrician, Dr. Elizabeth Murray as she interviews Pediatric Neurologist Dr. Inna Hughes on general information about an infants brain and its early development. Topics that will aid the viewer to learn what will help and hinder that growth are explored. 8 Minutes

Babies Sleeping Safely

Join Professor Jim Coffey as he interviews pediatrician, Dr. Elizabeth Murray, FAAP, Fellow, American Academy of Pediatrics and the University of Rochester Medical Center as they discuss babies sleeping safely. In this 28 minute interview the viewer will learn all about keeping a baby safe as he or she sleeps.

Potty Training

Potty training – Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Patty Corbett Dick from GCHS discusses one of parents’ three most common concerns – “pooping” – and she shares tips for dealing with this issue of toilet training with your child. Time 25 minutes.

Pre-school Decisions

Pre-school Decisions – Tania Richmond, social worker and Natasha Tyler, both parents, address the many concerns parents have when selecting day care. What questions should you ask? What’s important in selecting child care? These moms share their expertise and experience in making these often difficult deisions. 25 minutes.

Immunizations at 6 Month

Join Nurse Practitioner Barb Murante as she discusses immunizations at six months of age.

Immunizations – Facts and Myths

Immunizations – Facts and Myths – Join pediatrician Melissa Novak, GCHS and Panarama Pediatrics, as she discusses what is real and what is not regarding the wide world of immunizations – Time – 26 minutes.

Preventing Cild Sex Abuse

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse – Mary Whittier from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children shares advice and strategies for protecting your child from sexual abuse. Time 24 minutes.

Motor Skills for 1-Year Olds

Motor Skills for 1-Year Olds – Child Life Specialist, Wendy Lane from GCHS, specializes in emotional and developmental progress from birth to adolescence. In this video she has baby “Jack” show a number of games and toys that help children learn at this age. Time 25 minutes.

Introduction to the 4-Month Old

Introduction to the Four Month Old – Join early childhood specialist Carol Osborne as she introduces the viewer to the many layers of the four month old. Time 24 minutes.

Sleep Patterns for the 6-Month Old

Sleep Patterns for the 6-Month Old – Pediatricians Shalini Forbis and Monica Fiorenza explore this topic in depth. Dr. Forbis’ 8-month daughter, Savita, joins the conversation. Time 26 minutes