24 – 36 Months

Nutrition Tips for 24 – 36 Months

Nutrition for your 24 to 36 Month-old – Join host Katherine Ippolito as she interviews fellow Registered Dietician Leslie Serve and they discuss nutrition for your 24 to 36 month-old child. “What is happening developmentally for children at this age?” – “What should parents do if their child is a picky eater?” – “What beverages should they drink at this age?” – “Can my child eat the same foods as the adults eat?” are some of the many topics explored in this question/answer session. (11 minutes) (Our special thanks to the Genesee Dietetic Association for content and also to Bob Muir for post-production)

Pre-school Decisions

Pre-school Decisions – Tania Richmond, social worker and Natasha Tyler, both parents, address the many concerns parents have when selecting day care. What questions should you ask? What’s important in selecting child care? These moms share their expertise and experience in making these often difficult deisions. 25 minutes.

Introduction to Two-year Olds

Introduction to Two-Year Olds – LaMonda Beaman, professional child care provider, and Janice Price, Head Start Educational Coordinator, lead a discussion in response to the question, “Does it have to be the terrible twos?” Viewers will receive tips and insights into this fascinating stage of development. Time 24 minutes.

Terrific Twos

Terrific Twos – Dr. Steve Cook, pediatrician at GCHS, introduces the viewer to his two and a half year old daughter Shanon as well a the whole spectrum of the “Terrific” not “Terrible” Twos! Dr. Cook introduces the viewer to a two-year old’s development as well as their behavior. Time 24 minutes.

New baby and Siblings

New Baby and Siblings – Join Dr. Neil Herendeen, director of the pediatric practice at GCHS, as he discusses the issues surrounding a new baby at home with other children and how to help start good sibling relationships and minimize sibling rivalry. Time 24 minutes

Child Proofing Your Home for Toddlers

Child Proofing Home – Dr. Jeannette Flynn, pediatrician, GCHS, gives a host of suggestions on child-proofing your home to make it safe for your toddler.

Toddler Safety

Toddler Safety – join Rowena Johnson, a professional child care giver and Lena Shiao, MS, an Early Childhood Educator, as they discuss tips for keeping your toddler safe both at home as well as what to look for, safety-wise, in center care. Time – 27 minutes.