12 – 18 Months

Nutrition Tips for your 12 – 18 month old.

Nutrition – 12 – 18 Months – join Katherine Ippolito and Donna Quinzi, Registered Dietitians from the Genesee Dietetic Association, as they discuss your baby’s nutritional needs during the 12 – 18 month stage of development – Discussion topics include, “What’s happening developmentally in these toddlers?” – “How often does a toddler need to eat?” – “What should they drink?” – among many others. Time-10 minutes. Special thanks to Bob Muir for post-production.

Safety for one-year olds.

Toddler Safety II – for a discussion on preventing accidents for your 1-year old with Dr. Sue Tanski, pediatrician at GCHS. Time 26 minutes.

Shaken Baby

Shaken Baby – learn about the dangers of “Shaken baby” and how to prevent it. Pam Herendeen, a pediatric nurse practitioner at GCHS, helps parents deal with the frustration that often leads to shaking a baby by looking at choices parents have. Time 24 minutes.