12 – 18 Months

Nutrition Tips for your 12 – 18 month old.

Nutrition – 12 – 18 Months – join Katherine Ippolito and Donna Quinzi, Registered Dietitians from the Genesee Dietetic Association, as they discuss your baby’s nutritional needs during the 12 – 18 month stage of development – Discussion topics include, “What’s happening developmentally in these toddlers?” – “How often does a toddler need to eat?” – “What should they drink?” – among many others. Time-10 minutes. Special thanks to Bob Muir for post-production.

Shaken Baby

Shaken Baby – learn about the dangers of “Shaken baby” and how to prevent it. Pam Herendeen, a pediatric nurse practitioner at GCHS, helps parents deal with the frustration that often leads to shaking a baby by looking at choices parents have. Time 24 minutes.

Safety for one-year olds.

Toddler Safety II – for a discussion on preventing accidents for your 1-year old with Dr. Sue Tanski, pediatrician at GCHS. Time 26 minutes.

Early Literacy at One Year

Early Literacy – Shira May Peterson, Ph.D. is an early language development specialist from Children’s Institute. She shares tips and guidance into what parents and caregivers can do to to fully develop the foundation of their child’s literacy in the first stages in life. Time 40 minutes.

Rising a Deaf Child – One Year Olds

Raising a Deaf Child – MCC Professor Beth Laidlaw tells her story as the mom of a deaf child. Beth signs throughout the interview and helps the viewer know what to look for in their own very young children that might hint at hearing issues. Time 26 minutes.

Fun with a One-year Old

Having Fun with Infants and Toddlers – Early childhood professional, Helen Greene, explores a number of general issues related to infants and toddlers. If you have an infant or toddler in your life this conversation is for you. Time – 24 minutes