6 to 12 Months

9 month old

Join the Golisano Children’s Hospital in Rochester New York and Monroe Community College’s 292-BABY for general information on your 9-month old child. 3 minutes

Nutrition for 6 -12 months old

Nutrition for your Six to 12 Month-old – Host Katherine Ippolito discusses nutrition tips for your six to 12 month old baby with fellow Registered Dietitian Trish Kazakos. They explore many topics such as, “What should I feed my baby at this age?” – “When should I go to solid foods?” – “What skills should my baby have to go to solid foods?” and “What foods should I start with when going to solid foods?” (13 minutes) (Our special thanks to the Genesee Dietetic Association for content and also to Bob Muir for post-production)

Motor Skills for 1-Year Olds

Motor Skills for 1-Year Olds – Child Life Specialist, Wendy Lane from GCHS, specializes in emotional and developmental progress from birth to adolescence. In this video she has baby “Jack” show a number of games and toys that help children learn at this age. Time 25 minutes.

Preventing Child Sex Abuse

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse – Mary Whittier from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children shares advice and strategies for protecting your child from sexual abuse. Time 24 minutes.