3 to 6 Months

Nutrition Tips for Three to Six Month Olds

Nutrition Tips for Three to Six Month Olds -Sue Grace joins host Katherine Ippolito in a question/answer format as they explore nutrition tips for your baby between three and six months of age. These Registered Dieticians explore such topics as; “What should my baby be eating at this age?” – “What are some tips for feeding with a bottle?” “What should I know about burping a baby?” (8 minutes) (Our special thanks to the Genesee Dietetic Association for content and also to Bob Muir for post-production)

Immunizations at 6 Month

Join Nurse Practitioner Barb Murante as she discusses immunizations at six months of age.

Immunizations – Facts and Myths

Immunizations – Facts and Myths – Join pediatrician Melissa Novak, GCHS and Panarama Pediatrics, as she discusses what is real and what is not regarding the wide world of immunizations – Time – 26 minutes.

Introduction to the 4-Month Old

Introduction to the Four Month Old – Join early childhood specialist Carol Osborne as she introduces the viewer to the many layers of the four month old. Time 24 minutes.

Sleep Patterns for the 6-Month Old

Sleep Patterns for the 6-Month Old – Pediatricians Shalini Forbis and Monica Fiorenza explore this topic in depth. Dr. Forbis’ 8-month daughter, Savita, joins the conversation. Time 26 minutes

Infant Safety

Toy Safety for Infants – join Ms. Judy Braiman, President, Empire State Consumer Association, as she discusses toy safety for young children. A must-see before holiday shopping, topics range from cribs to infant toys are covered. Resources are shown. Time – 50 minutes.

Back to Work After Baby

Going Back to Work After Baby – Brenda Seaman, a pediatric nurse practitioner at GCHS, and mom Janell Blake discuss the many issues that surround going back to work after maternity leave is up. The ladies are joined by Brenda’s 7-month old son, Alex. Time 26 minutes.

Immunizations without pain

Immunizations without pain – join Lori Chiapperi, RN, (GCHS) for an introduction on how to approach immunizations with your child. From parent anxiety to how to relieve your child’s pain, this video covers a variety of immunization issues. Time 26 minutes.

How Four-month Olds express Themselves

How 4-Month Olds Express Themselves – Early childhood professional Michelle Prince and new mom, Katie Callery discuss the fascinating world of how 4-month olds express themselves. Katie’s 4-month old son, Liam, joins them in celebrating the joy of interacting with an infant. Time 24 minutes.

Going to Solid Foods – Four Month Olds

Going to Solid Foods – To help you make the decision of when to go to solid foods, pediatricians Jeannette Flynn and David Sullo explore the issue in depth. Dr. Flynn’s 4-month old daughter, Jessica, joins them and eats her very first solid food on this show. If you are up in the air on the issue, this informative discussion is for you. Time 27 minutes.