Birth to 3 Months

New Fatherhood

New Fatherhood – New dad, Bill Taylor, tells his touching story of how his 9-week old daughter, Amari, has completely transformed his life in very positive ways. Amari makes her television debut! Time 22 minutes.

Introduction to the 1-Month Old

Introduction to the 1-Month Old – Chris Tryon, Certified Life Specialist joins RN, Ann Syrett, both from GCHS, and Ann’s 4-week old, Maggie. The discussion includes vision, hearing and social and motor development. Exercises are shown that help develop your child. Time 27 minutes.

Crying vs Colic

Crying vs. Colic – Dr. Melissa Novak, a pediatrician with Panarama Pediatrics, joins fellow pediatrician, Dr. Mike Flynn from GCHS who has his 9-week old daughter, Jessica with him. Normal crying vs colic is discussed along with strategies parents can use for both. Time 24 minutes.

Infant Diaper Rash – Over The Counter Remedies

Infant Diaper Rash – Over the Counter Remedies – Dr. Lynn Dykstra, GCHS, shares strategies for treating and preventing diaper rash using available over-the-counter remedies, a topic of interest to all new parents. Time 27 minutes.

Two-Month-old Brain Development

Two-Month Old Brain Development – Dr. Tom Albushies, Golisano Children’s Hospital at Strong, Rochester, New York, discusses the brain development of a 2-month old and what parents should know about stimulating growth. All the senses are discussed. Time 28 minutes.