Birth to 3 Months

Postpartum Depression – Healthy Baby Network

Join health educator Ngozi Nkiruka of the Healthy Baby Network in Rochester New York as she discusses postpartum depression with three moms who can relate first hand.

Nutrition for baby – birth to 3 months

Nutrition – Birth to 3 months – Registered Dietitians Katherine Ippolito and Jeanne Levey explore the nutritional needs of your newborn. “What formula should I use?” – “What are the benefits of breastfeeding?” “What are other tips related to preparing formula and feeding?” “What about a feeding schedule for newborns?” are some of the many topics explored in this discussion. (18 minutes) (Our special thanks to the Genesee Dietetic Association for content and also to Bob Muir for post-production)

Baby Brain Development

Join pediatrician, Dr. Elizabeth Murray as she interviews Pediatric Neurologist Dr. Inna Hughes on general information about an infants brain and its early development. Topics that will aid the viewer to learn what will help and hinder that growth are explored. 8 Minutes

Babies Sleeping Safely

Join Professor Jim Coffey as he interviews pediatrician, Dr. Elizabeth Murray, FAAP, Fellow, American Academy of Pediatrics and the University of Rochester Medical Center as they discuss babies sleeping safely. In this 28 minute interview the viewer will learn all about keeping a baby safe as he or she sleeps.

Infant Diaper Rash – Over The Counter Remedies

Infant Diaper Rash – Over the Counter Remedies – Dr. Lynn Dykstra, GCHS, shares strategies for treating and preventing diaper rash using available over-the-counter remedies, a topic of interest to all new parents. Time 27 minutes.

Crying vs Colic

Crying vs. Colic – Dr. Melissa Novak, a pediatrician with Panarama Pediatrics, joins fellow pediatrician, Dr. Mike Flynn from GCHS who has his 9-week old daughter, Jessica with him. Normal crying vs colic is discussed along with strategies parents can use for both. Time 24 minutes.

Introduction to the 1-Month Old

Introduction to the 1-Month Old – Chris Tryon, Certified Life Specialist joins RN, Ann Syrett, both from GCHS, and Ann’s 4-week old, Maggie. The discussion includes vision, hearing and social and motor development. Exercises are shown that help develop your child. Time 27 minutes.

New Fatherhood

New Fatherhood – New dad, Bill Taylor, tells his touching story of how his 9-week old daughter, Amari, has completely transformed his life in very positive ways. Amari makes her television debut! Time 22 minutes.

First Well-baby Visit

1st Well-Baby Visit – New mom, Myra Henry, and her 9-week old son, Jordan, are visited at home by Dr. Neil Herendeen for Jordan’s 1st well baby visit. Dr. Herendeen, director of the pediatric practice at GCHS, shows what pediatricians look for during this first, important visit. This video will help parents prepare their questions for their first well-baby visit. Time 24 minutes.

Newborn Skin Care

Skin Care of Infants – join Dr. Melissa Novak, a pediatrician with Panarama Pediatrics, Rochester, New York discussing all aspects of infant skin care with a number of pictures showing the various conditions. Time 25 minutes