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Fire Safety with Dr. Sara Henry

Join Professor Jim Coffey as he explores fire safety for children with pediatrician Dr. Sarah Henry from the Golisano Children’s Hospital at Strong in Rochester, New York. 22 Minutes

Signing with Infants and Toddlers

Join Susan Rizzo, Master Level Signing Time Academy Instructor and Founder of RocCity Signers LLC, as she describes the wonderful benefits, to child and caregiver, of using sign language with your baby and toddler. You will learn this is for EVERY child and the benefits are many. If you have a baby or young child, you’ll want this information. (43 minutes)

Infant Adoption – A Primer

Infant Adoption – In this in-depth interview, Lisa Maynard, Family Finding and Adoption Services explores the many facets of infant adoption with Adoption Social Worker Barbara Monahan, also from Hillside Adoption Services. A step-by-step approach is covered in this informative introduction to infant adoption. Timme – 24 minutes.

Adoption – A Parent for Every Child

“A Parent for Every Child: Waiting Child Adoption” – Join Lisa Maynard in her interview with Mike Carroll, Program Director, “A Parent for Every Child” from Hillside Children’s Center. Viewers get an inside look at the process of selecting a child and are introduced to Hillside’s online options for exploring adoption and selecting a child.

Attachment and Adoption – Part II

Part II – “Attachment, Trauma and Executive Function in Adoption” – Lisa Maynard continues her conversation with adoption psychotherapist John Sobraske. Time – 27 minutes

Attachment and adoption – Part I

Part I – “Attachment” and Adoption – Lisa Maynard interviews adoption psychotherapist John Sobraske, LMFT, LMHC on the critical issue of “Attachment” in adoption. Time – 27 minutes.

International Adoption

International Adoption – Ellen Fazio and Barbara Monahan, Adoption social workers at Hillside Adoption Services, Rochester, NY are interviewed by Lisa Maynard as they explore the many layers of international adoption. Time – 24 minutes

Adoption 102 – Wendy’s Wonderful Kids

An introduction to Adoption through the Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Program – Lisa Maynard interviews Lisa Petrosino, Adoption Social Worker, Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Recruiter, to learn about adoption and this wonderful program. Time 28 minutes.

Adoption – Open, Infant Domestic

Introduction to Open, Domestic Infant Adoption – Lisa Maynard introduces Karen Rabish, adoptive mom and facilitator of the Birthmother Support Network who discusses open adoption with adoptive parents Robin and Patrick Flanigan, their daughter Annalie and birthmother Jessica Fleming. A variety of issues are openly discussed by all parties. Time – 30 minutes.Adoption

Adoption 101 – Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Adoption But Were Afraid To Ask!

Adoption 101 – “Everything you always wanted to know about adoption but didn’t know who to ask.” Host Lisa Maynard, Family Finding and Adoption Services, Hillside Children’s Center, Rochester, NY introduces the viewer to the world of adoption. She interviews Michael Finn, Permanency Specialist, Jacqueline Morrison CSW, Adoption Caseworker and Gregory Franklin, Esq. Ashcroft, Franklin & Young. All the issues from the start of the process though the end are addressed. This video is ideal for anyone considering adoption. Time 34 minutes.