292baby Videos

Calling the 911 center

Join Dr. Elizabeth Murray as she interviews Christopher Martin, a 911 supervisor in Monroe County, New York, discussing what’s important when you call 911.

Rochester’s Libraries

Join Tonia Burton, Children’s Library Consultant, as she introduces the viewers to the library system in Rochester and Monroe County, New York. Joining her are Children’s Librarians Robin Benoit, leading a session with infants and Shamika Ledesmus as she introduces us to the Toy Library at Rochester’s Lincoln Branch Library. 30-min.

Rochester Children’s Film Festival 2015

Join children’s librarian Shamika Ledesmas as she interviews Stephanie Romney from the American Heart Association and Ruth Cowing, Program Director of the Rochester Children’s Film festival as they discuss this years offering. The festival is sponsored by the Rochester Association for the Education of Young Children.

Car Seat 30 min

Join pediatrician Dr. Elizabeth Murray as she discusses all elements of installing the proper car seat for your baby or young child. With her are Officer Kris Runyon of the Rochester Police Department and Deanna King of “cynicalmother.com.” This in-depth discussion is loaded with information and tips on choosing and installing the proper car seat for your little one.Description

Breast Feeding – Questions On A Call-In TV Show

Dr. Ruth Lawrence and Professor Athesia Benjamin host a live, call in TV show. A variety of questions are asked by viewers including “What should I do because my baby is teething and starting to bite?” and “My husband and I want to get pregnant again. Do I need to wean first?” Time 1-hour.

Breastfeeding – Latching On

Join Sue Costanza, RN and Lactation Consultant, and Athesia Benjamin, Art Professor and mom, and learn a variety of techniques for getting your baby to latch on to the breast. This is a hands-on, visual demonstration. Time – 40 minutes

Breastfeeding Tips

This video provides tips and challenges on breastfeeding from Linda Howell, a registered nurse and lactation counselor at GCHS. Time 26 minutes.

Breastfeeding Tips with Dr. Sue Tanski

Dr. Sue Tanski, a pediatrician at GCHS and Rochester General Pediatric Associates, explores a variety of topics related to breastfeeding. She appears with her son, 3 1/2 month-old Ryan. Time 25 minutes.

Breastfeeding WICR

A new mom tells how breastfeeding her baby has changed her life.

292-BABY Dr. Ruth Lawrence discusses what nursing moms can injest.

Professor Athesia Benjamin interviews Dr. Ruth Lawrence Lawrence on all the different substances nursing moms can put into their bodies while breastfeeding. Caffeine, alcohol, herbs and nicotine are some of the topics discussed. Time – one hour. Dr. Ruth Lawrence, Professor of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynocology is at the University of Rochester, NY and is one of the nation’s leading authorities on breastfeeding.