292baby Videos

292baby Rochester Children’s Film Fest

Join host Jim Coffey, professor, Monroe Community College as he interviews Stephanie Romney, RD, from the American Heart Association and Shamika Fusco, from the Rochester Public Library. They introduce this year’s Rochester Children’s Film Festival in celebration of April, Month of the Young Child. The month-long event is sponsored by the Rochester Association for the Education of the Young Child.

Making a Family Plan for Fire Safety

Making a Family Plan for Fire Safety – Robert Cole, PhD, president, Fireproof Children/Prevention First and Assistant Professor of Nursing at the University of Rochester shares with the viewer all the elements of creating an effective plan for escaping a house fire. Our thanks to the City of Rochester and Monroe County for creating the video used in this introduction. This is a must-see for any parent of young children. Time 33 minutes.


Join Jim Coffey, communication professor as he interviews Debra Ross, founder and publisher of “KidsOutAndAbout.com.” This website highlights all the activities for parents/caregivers and their children in 15 different communities around the country. It is based in Rochester, New York. Joining them is 14-year old Ella, Debra’s daughter and an active member and helper with the website. Ella first appeared in a 292-BABY video when she was 2 1/2 years old so this was a homecoming for her and mom.

Cough Wheeze Asthma 30 min

Join host Cora Conklin, Parent and Allergy Awareness Advocate as she discusses Coughing, Wheezing and Asthma with Allergist, Dr. Theresa Bingemann.

Adoption 101 – Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Adoption But Were Afraid To Ask!

Adoption 101 – “Everything you always wanted to know about adoption but didn’t know who to ask.” Host Lisa Maynard, Family Finding and Adoption Services, Hillside Children’s Center, Rochester, NY introduces the viewer to the world of adoption. She interviews Michael Finn, Permanency Specialist, Jacqueline Morrison CSW, Adoption Caseworker and Gregory Franklin, Esq. Ashcroft, Franklin & Young. All the issues from the start of the process though the end are addressed. This video is ideal for anyone considering adoption. Time 34 minutes.

Allergies – an Introduction with Dr. Kristen Sikorski

Allergist Dr. Kristen Sikorski introduces us to the world of allergies in a straight-forward yet easy to understand way. She discusses what every parent of an infant or young child would want to know. 30 minutes

Seizures in Children

Join pediatrician, Dr. Elizabeth Murray as she interviews Dr. Inna Hughes, a Pediatric Neurologist from the Golisano Children’s Hospital in Rochester, New York. Dr. Hughes introduces the topic of seizures in children with important information for anyone caring for young children. 11 minutes.

Calling the 911 center

Join Dr. Elizabeth Murray as she interviews Christopher Martin, a 911 supervisor in Monroe County, New York, discussing what’s important when you call 911.

Rochester’s Libraries

Join Tonia Burton, Children’s Library Consultant, as she introduces the viewers to the library system in Rochester and Monroe County, New York. Joining her are Children’s Librarians Robin Benoit, leading a session with infants and Shamika Ledesmus as she introduces us to the Toy Library at Rochester’s Lincoln Branch Library. 30-min.